No South airports 3D , but one

Why does it look like that the the Southern part of the USA is being willfully over looked for 3D? Not one major hub is 3D, but Charlotte. Could someone explain this, or will I be blocked like other social media outlets? I tired of biased, not matter were it exists. And being a paying member, I would like answers please.

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Hey there David!

I don’t see biased in this. Many other parts of the world, even larger areas other than “Southern US”, lack multiple 3D airport. Look at Russia for example, which currently holds 1 3D airport, for the entire country. Also, KHOU is 3D if that helps.

Basically, just look on the bright side and realize that 3D airports just started being released this year, hence to fill in space takes time.

Have a good day!


As far as I know, Sochi is still a part of Russia.

But yes there is a lack of 3D airports in certain parts of the world, especially when compared to IRL population densities i.e China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South East Asia, the Southern US, Eastern Europe etc



There are entire countries that haven’t received their first 3D airport yet.

But we’re working as fast as we can to get an even and diverse spread across the globe :)