No sound

Can any tell me why my ATC sound isn’t working I can hear the engine sound by not atc

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and its it’s its still not working it’s very frustrating

Are you on iOS? If so, what version?

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No I have an android galaxy note 8

Are your ATC sound effects fully turned on? You can adjust these in the settings. I also find that restarting your device often helps.


I’ve restarted about 5times already. I’ve uninstalled the app then reinstalled it usually when I do that its start working again but now its nothing.

Alright. Double check to make sure that your ATC SFX are fully up, and that your volume isn’t muted. If it still occurs, we’ll try to help you further.

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I did the volume cant be muted cause I can hear the airplane engine mines and other when they pass by. I’m try 2plan my nightly long haul and dont no what else 2do.

So you’ve gone into settings>audio>and made sure the ATC sound is turned up?

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