No sound?

I have notice that Infinite flight seems to not make any sounds as well as my other games on my Iphone X max my phones silence is off and in game volume is at max. What can I do?

Can you check if you have the ringer on to start with?

Yes it is my ringer is on

Did you ever leave the app for any such doing?

What do you mean?

Did you exit the app during the flight? This will usually result in loosing sound until you leave your flight. Maybe a restart?

Oh I think I did does this include for other mobile games?

Not all mobile games do.

Ok ill restart the app and see

If that fails to give you the appropriate solution, you may have turned off the sound in-game. You can go to settings and see if this statement is false or true

Ok i have both restarted my phone and app and the sound is back. Thanks for the help!

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