No Sound

Hello everyone! I am currently doing a very long flight from Perth to New York and I am 3/4 way done and I currently have no sound.

Is your ringer on if you have iPhone
if you have android make sure your do not disturb is off

Maybe your Volume and or Ringer is turned off 😜

I have it off. I do have do not disturb on for my iPad though. I was live-streaming my flight but then it disconnected

usually when live-streaming from experience there will be no sound can i ask you what streaming service are you using example like OBS, Vidih

I used vidih. I am currently not streaming though and I still do not have sound

Try turning off your VPN if that doesn’t work then i think you will have to close app at the end of your flight, glitches like that used to happen to me when i used vidih a while back.

I’ve had this before when I disconnect on the flight to go get a FPL from my email and when I come back I have no sound. The only way I have figured out to fix it to end the flight and close the app. But I’m sure you don’t want to close the app if you’re already 3/4 done with it

What device are you using?
Have it worked before with the 3rd party streaming app without experiencing this?

I am using a iPad 9.7 6th generation. I have live-streamed my flights on numerous occasions before this and only have experienced this once

And if you pull down Control Center, the ringer is not highlighted?

No it is not. I only have do not disturb on. I have this on to avoid notifications during the stream

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I just read the website. It says during the stream expect your device to not give any sound. I am currently not streaming now though

Goodie. DND shouldn’t be a problem…

This is most likely one of these occurrences where you multitask a bit and it goes south.

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Maybe a stupid question, but is there any third party device plugged into your iPad or a Bluetooth device accidentally connected to it?

I think that is the problem is vidih itself like Sub said, it happened to me a lot with vidih the stream would cut out after like 30 min and i would have no sound for a 3 hour flight which is unfortunately the reason i stoped using the software

DND isn’t a problem? Then explain why I sat through 10 hours of roleplaying just to get an imaginary medal and defeat the demogorgan.

It was unavoidable to make this joke.

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My flight is 20 hours long and I have had to exit out of the flight to reconnect. Even with doing this I still had sound. I’ve done this 5 times though. It irritating, especially when doing a 20 hour flight for the first time

It may be. Like I said above, I did leave the app to reconnect with the live stream server on several occasions

I understand that but from my experience once in a while the sound will cut off completely and the only way to fix it is by exiting. You should be able to still hear ATC but you wont hear aircraft sounds