No Sound

Hi. I’m level 3 and using expert server. There’s no sound. Setttings — ATC and Sound FX volume is full. Ipad plays sound on other apps. Is there an issue?

Is your ringer off also check on device settings (Sound/Audio)

Restart the app, Restart the device, if not re-install the app.

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I don’t think that is the issue due to other apps working.

I personally haven’t experience this in a long time but I always had to restart the device. Try that!

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I can confirm I had this issue before (many times), and it was the ringer. Check it and see if it’s off.

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Thank you all for the feedback. I’ve determined it’s my device and not
the app. However, it’s odd: the device sound/ringer/volume is set on
highest, and I still cannot hear the sound from the device speaker.
However, I can hear the sound when I connect an earphone to my device.
It’s not my iPad speaker, either, because it works for other apps (e.g.,
apple music). Ugh. But at least I have a way to hear ATC and Sound FX!

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What iPad model are you using? Does it have a switch on the side?

Sometimes the sound just mysteriously disappears, can’t figure out the reason but usually restarting the app helps
I am using IPhone

Make sure that this :
switch is pushed towards the phone, and that there is no red. Then ensure your volume is not muted.


That’s a different story.
Sound “mysteriously” disappearing is in 99% of the cases, caused by people multi tasking as in jumping out and back in to the app. :)

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IPad Pro. No switch.

You wouldn’t happen to have this one turned on?

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That was it!!! Thank you soooooo much