No sound?

I have absolutely no sound in game, or in recordings. I’ve put volume to max, set both audio sliders to far right in game settings, and mute isn’t on. I’ve also restarted, to no avail. Can anyone help?

Reinstall the application


I just though of that. I’m reinstalling now. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Aaand… it makes no difference. Still no sound.

reinstalled and still have the same problem.

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Restarted the device or the app? If you restarted the app, try restarting your device.

I tried both. This issue has actually been persisting for days, since global came out in fact.

Bummer, unfortunately I can’t help much more. I advise waiting for a staff member to assist you further. Hopefully you’ll find a solution.

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Okay, I take it they’ll find this post themselves, or would it be better to pm someone?

A moderator or staff member will find the post, and give further assistance, just hang in there.

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Ok thanks for the help anyway.

If this is on your phone, do you have your ringer turned on? I know you said it mute wasn’t on but this is different.

It isn’t actually my phone, it’s my mum’s phone, since I don’t have anything compatible.

Is it an iPhone or android?

Ok… is the ringer turned on?

Should it be on or off?

It should be on otherwise it will mute the sound on IF

It should be on if you want sound.

All audio setting appear to be up. Nothing is muted.

Yeah just ensure if it’s an iPhone you make sure it’s not on silent. Ensure you turn it off using the switch on the side of the device.