No sound with new patch 19.3

I recently updated Infinite Flight on my Ipad Pro Gen 2 and I went to go look at the new A320 additions that had been added to the cockpit and then I realised that there was no sound at all from the game apart from the ATC voice? I messed around with the sound bars and some settings but nothings worked so I do believe this patch has messed up the sound of the game for anyone on the new Ipads? Maybe anyway? But hopefully this gets seen and they can try to figure out what has happened, thank you

Which iOS version are you operating on?

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I am currently using IPad Os 13

Are you sure your engines are on?

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There’s your problem. Because iOS 13 is in its beta version, you won’t be able to hear the sound. Downgrading to iOS 12 (if possible) should help. :)


Thank you very much!

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