No Sound While Playing IF

When playing with no earbuds on my iPad mini

Try and restart your device. See if that helps

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen on your iPad. Then look for the bell icon and if it is red select it and then you should hear music

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Gear Icon -> Sounds, are the 2 sliders turned all the way to the right?

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This is the iPad not the game

Hi! :) is your ringer on and not on vibrate?
(Side of iPad, switch the ringer to its opposite direction, ex. Up moved to down) hope that helps ;)

Make sure you device is not on silent.

Please check this link to correctly format a support request:)

Check if any other sounds are playing? Youtube videos etc? If not your speaker might be broken…


First Slide up from the bottom to get the notification centre.

Then turn ringer off like I did (the bell with the line through it.

Then swipe to the left and turn the music all the way up.



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