No Sound when flying live

Evening. I am unable to hear any sound when flying live unless I use my headphones. All volume settings on and can hear when in replay mode but for live flights there is no engine sound nor ATC. any help appreciated. Am using iPad latest version

IOS using ipad

Make sure you are not using IOS 13 beta. As that is causing sound issues

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Come on people…

@John_Ryan1 - bring the control center up and check for a highlighted bell, your device is muted :)


Thanks. Never had issues till now and am unsure if I am using iOS beta. But have used this I pad since APRIL with no issues it’s only last couple or days aq.have deleted and reinstalled app also. Thanks

Are you talking control centre on I pad. I can’t see any bell on this!

Swipe down from the top right corner, there is a bell there.

@schyllberg I’ll put an image:)

The bell in the bottom left:)


Really appreciate that. Don’t know how that happened but feel like a right idiot. Appreciate your help


No worries! Happens more often than you might think :)