No sound on my ipad

Hello, i’m having issues on my ipad 7th gen (ios 15.5) the audio from the speakers don’t work only when i fly on IF and i have no idea why. When i plug some headphones on the ipad, the audio is there.

It seems it’s not a hardware issue, the speakers work with all of my other apps.

Hello @Aviacion_Mundial!

That sounds like a muted device to me.
In those cases, media sounds like YouTube, Netflix etc will still work since they’re considered “priority” in Apple’s world. However, game sounds will not.

If you swipe down from the top right of your screen to bring forth Control Center, you’ll most likely find a red, highlighted bell icon. Tap that so it’s not red anymore and you should be hearing sound :)

Spot on! That was the issue

Thanks @schyllberg :D

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No worries :)

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