No sound on iPhone

Hello everybody, I bought iPhone 8, and using it as second phone, but sometimes I want to fly just for fun, when my main phone is busy or not with me… but I just realised that if silent mode is on, there is no sound in game at all, but if silent mode is off all is good. It’s only in IF, other apps are working good and I can here sounds from them…
What can I do?

That’s how it’s suppose to work correct me if I’m wrong.

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This is how it works for most apps even Instagram.

It is.
Media sounds (like YouTube, Spotify etc) and others are however playable even if the device is on silent mode, it’s prioritized differently.


I thought it just for notifications, and don’t affects on app’s sound

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Because in Discord, instagram, YouTube and others I can Hear sounds when this mode is on

Again, correct me if I’m wrong, but that should be the case when you set your phone to mute. I believe mute only mutes your incoming phone calls and notifications.

You can read more here:

Feel free to try any other “game”… It’s the same there. Device muted = app silenced.

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I just find in internet, that in silent mode iPhone turn off and notifications… and sounds in ALL games… there are two modes in iPhones, silent mode, and don’t disturb mode, if using the second, sounds are returning