No sound from engines when on

Hello pilots after the release of the update I’m not able to hear my engines at all is anyone else also experiencing this and if so how can I fix this issue.


Is your SFX noise in Infinite Flight settings turned all the way up? Also is your ringer on and silent mode off for your device(if Apple device)?

These are possible things that could be why you don’t hear anything.

I hear the atc communications I just don’t hear my engines and other pilots @Shane26

If you hear ATC but not the engines, you may want to check the SFX in Infinite Flight settings. Also, as @BurritoLeo said, this should be in the #support category.

What steps have you taken to resolve your issue so far? Have you restarted Infinite Flight, have you rebooted your device, double checked to make sure SFX Volume is turned up?

Can you try closing the app and stopping it from running in the background and then reentering the app?

This keeps happening to me also I reported it during open beta. Sound cuts out mid flight

I got the issue resolved I had to restart my device thank you guys for the advice

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No problem, glad it was resolved for you :)

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