No sound (ATC)

So I have all of the sounds of a plane but no ATC sounds just the words please help so I can hear ATC again.

Hi there!

Firstly, ensure the following are present:

  • Your ATC Volume in Infinite Flight Settings > Audio > ATC Volume is turned up
  • Your device is not muted/Your Text-To-Speech is working

-When this happens to me, I usually try switching into an in-active unicom frequency and quickly send a message off and my ATC sounds resumes :)

If that doesn’t work,

  • Restarting the app should usually do the trick.

Is the volume up on your settings?

I’ve had this happen to me many times while controlling, exiting your app and coming into it is one way to do it or else
Go to settings in IF>live>voices and tap on one of the voices you are using and it’ll be back to normal

Please give us some more info. We can’t help you like this.

Things like:

  • device type, mode, software etc
  • what are your volume settings
  • how long has the problem been there
  • is the problem persistent, or does it sometimes work ok
  • what have you tried to do to resolve it (app restart, device reboot etc)



iPad 2017 Version 12.1.4.
My volume settings are up to SFX and ATC equal.
The problem started tonight.
I have restarted the app.

Good. Did it make a difference?

If not, try re-starting device.

Did the issue occur right from the start when you spawned? If it happened mid-flight, the issue may be caused because the IF app was pushed to the background. IF needs to run as the active app, always

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