No Sound After Long Haul

I’ve been having this very weird issue whenever I do long hauls overnight. Once I get back to my tablet to prepare for landing and connect my headset (wired), I cannot hear any aircraft noises or anything at all whatsoever. Sometimes, it may even only let me hear my traffic control communications only then goes back to complete silence. Is there any explanation for this or any way for me to troubleshoot the sound? It’s definitely not my tablet and this only happens after long hauls, not other routes.

Device: Samsung Tab A 9.7
Updated: Most recent update
Other bugs: N/A, only audio after long hauls

Is this with 20.1 or 20.2?

20.1 I believe, unless there was another update within the last week I haven’t installed yet.

No there has not been an update yet.

when i finish a long haul flight and land, and I hear no sound what I do is finish it then close the app when you finish your flight and log back in or sometimes for me I have silent mode on my phone

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I do that everytime but unfortunately it still happens after every long haul I do ¯_(ツ)_/¯

well what you can do is when you doing a long haul and your an cursing altitude turn your volume off and when your about to land try to turn your volume back on or maybe you don’t use lower power mode on your phone


You could either have silent mode on your phone, or your phone could have connected to another Bluetooth device.


I’ll try this next time and get back to you privately.

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