No solution but topic has been closed

I got unfairly 2 years reported.

I have opened a topic to get support.

I was trying to understand the reasons but nothing has been found.

There was no solution but my topic has been closed.

Is it normal? And a mod implied that i was reported maybe because of my callsign.

My callsign is 66666666 and i like to hear it from default voice (the fast one), and it was funny, there is no restriction, there is no warning… So what is to problem that make me ghosted for 2 years and make my grade reduce from 4 to 2???

And why has my topic been closed???

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I believe schyllberg made it clear it was inappropriate.

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Also, #support is with problems with the game, not with reports. Thanks for understanding.

You’ll be off Expert for 1 week. Not 2 years. Should be long enough for you to change your callsign. If you want to discuss this further please PM @schyllberg. Don’t make another topic.


I won’t change my callsign, there is no restriction for callsigns, i haven’t got a bad word. And my grade has been reduced to grade 2. It will stay 2 years and i will be far from grade 4.

If you don’t fix the issue then don’t expect an issue on your end to be fixed

Also, be a little more mature

You recently posted this, and yet don’t understand the issue about having “66666666” in your callsign? You are part of the trolling in a manner.

PM me if you have any further questions.