No Show, No Training | New Policy

Due to a number of recent complaints from several trainers, I’m going ahead with an outline of a new policy for potential and current IFATC applicants who are currently in the training program for our team. This will be implemented effective immediately as dictated in the following subsections.

2.3.4 Trainers reserve the right to suspend or stop training with trainees if no attempts are made to adhere to previously agreed-upon sessions/times.

  • A two-strike policy will be followed. If any individuals fail to respond or communicate with their assigned trainer(s) beyond the allocated number, their participation in the program will end.

  • Appeals may be reviewed by the ITT Administrator on a case-by-case basis. Communiques in this regard will be handled in DMs on the IFC.

The next version of the Training Manual will have the above implemented. Its current form can be found here.

In the meantime, consider this post binding. Please respect the time our trainers make for each and every one of you.

Happy controlling!


Thanks for the heads-up.

Yeah, went through this the hard way and Josh knows how that went.😬


Thanks for this 👏🏻


So this is just a thing to make training more strict?

It’s basically because we have had a few trainees that we have agreed with training times on and have spent time to organise it, and then they don’t show up.

We understand this may happen if something comes up, but we have had a few rare occurrences where someone applies for training, sets a time for their session and then we never hear from them.

As Josh mentioned, we plan our time and flights/controlling around them.


Smart policy, you’re getting the commited ones now


Slight adjustment for non-native English speakers. Anything above two is grounds for ceasing the process unless judged otherwise.


Shame this goes on, gives the committed ones like me a bad name.
Would never waste my trainers time.

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Will it be getting updated then?

Yes that is what he is saying.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but this has no effect on your IFATC process in general right? Since it is optional to have a trainer…

It doesn’t. It will not affect the attending trainees. But the people who schedule sessions and then not turn up will suffer from this

We talk to your recruiter directly when it happens so yes, of course it can.

Ok, thanks @Chris_S

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