No security at Istanbul airport?

I am not sure if this is normal, but when We (My family) exited the plane and entered the terminal, I noticed there was no security or X-ray machines. There were guards, but it didn’t look like they cared to be honest. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this when visiting Turkey?

@emir_sergio generally you just have an immigraton/customs check once you get off, no x-ray eg

Oh okay. Thanks for the reply.

Yea, as IceBlue said. In Sweden it’s just immigration & customs after arriving.


After arriving to SAEZ, there are Immigration, Customs, X-ray machines and metal detectors, before exiting the terminal.

I can’t think of anywhere I have been where there is security after stepping of the plane (unless connecting).

There are x-ray machines at customs and in some countries all bags are passed through to check for contraband, but in most there are just random checks.

Flying out is a different matter. Last time I passed through Istanbul your bags got X-Rayed as soon as you entered the airport, even before check in. Then you got the full security check again after check in before going to departures.