No second engine start up noise on 77W/F/L

Just noticed this and you only get the start up sounds on the second engine startup on the -200ER, none of the other variants.

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This must be coincidental. I never really noticed this myself. It could have something to do with your device, but I personally still think that the new 777s sounds are great.

I hear a great start up sound on every 777 variant. Is it just the start up sounds you’re not hearing, all the other ones are fine?

well, I always hear the second engine start… its noticeable, but not as loud as the first one, obviously, because one engine is allready running and makes some sound allready


It’s probably becuase the other one is Runing so you can’t hear it

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I get start up sounds on all variants. Maybe it’s an issue with your device.
I suggest you first of all check your devices audio settings. Make sure they are all perfect. If that isn’t the solution maybe reinstall Infinite Flight. If that doesn’t work, there may be a bug on your system.

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Any video(s) that can help with the issue?

I think I can hear it now, maybe the volume was just too low to notice it. My bad.