No screenshot

I know your current screenshot setting worked pre 19.4 but could you try lowering your screenshot setting to one below what your current setting is? Let us know if you still can’t view your screenshot.

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Still nothing. Should I restart my device?


If that fails you may want to uninstall and reinstall. Be sure to back up any replays you want to save.

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Still doesn’t work even after reinstalling. Should I just delete all my previous IF photos?

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Personally, I would upload them to the cloud first, then wait for @Chris_S to respond cause I ain’t about to be telling people to delete their pictures…

Well if I Amy add that I already have 2 albums in the cloud. Is that causing an issue?

Is your IF screenshot folder in the cloud? Are some of you IF screenshots in the cloud? Who’s Amy?

I mean to say if I ‘may’ add😋. I’ve uploaded them to cloud now but none we’re in the cloud before.

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So your IF folder is on your device not on the cloud? Everything seems normal…

That’s what I thought. Until I got some really nice A350 shots then, I go to Instagram and nothing…

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Hmm. For now, I suggest taking the screenshot by holding down whichever two buttons work for your phone (I believe power and volume for Android), and getting a sub-par screenshot if you really want it. If not, wait for one of the community tech geniuses to respond.

Fml. It’ll be such low quality😶

Yeah, but I can’t think of anything else to fix it. I feel so bad…

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Thanks anyway sir. If you want to see the screenshot here’s my IG - @infiniteflight.addict

Don’t really do IF on my insta. Maybe I’ll take a peek later…

Have a great evening,


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Hey man, I’m from the original topic. Try deleting any folder named Infinite Flight in your iCloud or Shared albums. This is what worked for me. Cheers

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