No screenshot

Hmm. Does the photo actually save at all, or just not in the folder?

Also this long IOS thread might help you

There is no photo. I’ve taken about 5 and they’re nowhere to be seen.

What device are you using? Have you still got permission for Infinite Flight to access the camera roll/photo gallery?

I’m on a Huawei Mate 10 lite. I’ll check app permissions

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IF has access to my gallery yes

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I’m just thinking of random things here. Also I’m afraid I’ll have to pass this on to someone else. I need some shut eye 😴. G’dnight.


No worries. I do have that album and it doesn’t have any of my new photos.

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I haven’t found them

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Oh ok :( Have you modified the name of the IF folder?

Not at all. I have 18 pics there from 19.3

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Ok, so it’s been since the 19.4 update?

I don’t understand.

Has this issue only occurred after you have updated your device today?

Yes. It’s very frustrating

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Ok. I’m not sure at this stage as we’re all new to 19.4. I imagine it’s probably the most simple thing we are just preparing to snack our heads against.

Let me see if it saves pics from replays pre 19.4

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I can’t save any screenshots. Is this a bug?

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I know your current screenshot setting worked pre 19.4 but could you try lowering your screenshot setting to one below what your current setting is? Let us know if you still can’t view your screenshot.

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Still nothing. Should I restart my device?


If that fails you may want to uninstall and reinstall. Be sure to back up any replays you want to save.

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