No screenshot

So I’ve encountered a new issue. I do t get screenshots into my infinite flight folder like I used to. Is this a bug?


How much storage do you have left on your device?

Over 18.5 GB

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Hmm. Does the photo actually save at all, or just not in the folder?

Also this long IOS thread might help you

There is no photo. I’ve taken about 5 and they’re nowhere to be seen.

What device are you using? Have you still got permission for Infinite Flight to access the camera roll/photo gallery?

I’m on a Huawei Mate 10 lite. I’ll check app permissions

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IF has access to my gallery yes

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I’m just thinking of random things here. Also I’m afraid I’ll have to pass this on to someone else. I need some shut eye 😴. G’dnight.


No worries. I do have that album and it doesn’t have any of my new photos.

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I haven’t found them

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Oh ok :( Have you modified the name of the IF folder?

Not at all. I have 18 pics there from 19.3

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Ok, so it’s been since the 19.4 update?

I don’t understand.

Has this issue only occurred after you have updated your device today?

Yes. It’s very frustrating

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Ok. I’m not sure at this stage as we’re all new to 19.4. I imagine it’s probably the most simple thing we are just preparing to snack our heads against.

Let me see if it saves pics from replays pre 19.4

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I can’t save any screenshots. Is this a bug?

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