No scenery

Good evening I’m about to land at KSRQ on the training server and I’ve been flying for a while and there is NO scenery and it is not loading in at all pease Help because I don’t want to end this flight

Device: IPhone 10 XR
Operating system: IOS 16.1.1

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How much storage do you have left in your device?

So first I ended the flight.
Second I have 151.1 out of 256 GB used

Did you have a stable connection?

For the most part yeah I did.

…and what about the non-most part? 😅

Like besides it cutting out for like 3 seconds it is really stable

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Hmm. Did the green tick at the top right ever change to a red exclamation mark (❗️)or yellow warning sign (⚠️)?

It did a red mark for a few seconds about mid way through the flight it was KLGA-KSRQ

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Although I’m definitely not certain, that could be why this happened. Unstable connection, although for short amounts of time might have lead to the scenery issues. Simply because there are no other reasons I can think of.

I’m thanks for your info

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