No scenery, what’s going on?

Just finished a flight from Heathrow to Madrid in the new BA 777-200ER and the scenery along all of my route was quite blurry and nothing could be distinguished. When I came to land the airport wasn’t there, it was replaced by just blue. I have no idea what was going on, I cleared by scenery cache after realising it wasn’t the normal HD scenery in IF that we’re used to. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

Thanks, Jacob

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it is probably the server

hi try clearing your cache and do a restart. It could also be the cause of servers

I did try that twice.

The servers are crashing because it’s being used a lot, this is normal

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i am doing the same route and it is fine for me!

then its the servers cause too many people are on it

Try logging out and log back in again

This happens to me if my iPhone storage itself gets full. Sometimes, it can fill up even mid-flight because of the replay. Try to clean out your phone a few GB and fly again! Hope this helps.

what device are you on?

I had plenty left, about 10Gb.

Ipad 6th gen (2018)

Can you post a screenshot of that screen?

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As said above, there are many glitches and the server is very laggy, I cannot fly because of app crashes so its probably just that

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Oh, ok. That’s very unusual then. I hope after the server activity dies down a bit, you issue is solved!

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