No scenery at KJFK & LSZH

Device: iPad 2020 model
Operating system: iPad OS 15.6.1
Hey all, I have flown into KJFK and LSZH twice now and each time recently, the airport scenery isn’t available when I come in to land. The first time it happened, I have adjusted my settings to medium on graphics, low plane count and I always clear scenery cache before and during every flight. But with these particular airports, the airport just seem to not appear, which makes it difficult to land and takes the fun away from flying.

Any help would be much appreciated! Prior to this, I had always flown on very high graphics and quality.

And for reference, I also use IF Operations , IF Assistant and Infinite Passengers. I have used all 3 alongside IF for years.

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Is it only these airports?

Hi, this is a known issue. The devs are working on a fix for it :). It’s mostly just due to the high am mound of objects at the airports.

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I recommend clearing your scenery cache and restarting if necessary to see if it helps.


I beleive this is a known issue. A similar topic was made. :)


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Yes, just airports. I can see other aircrafts

I clear my scenery cache before and during all flights

I meant, is it just KJFK and Zurich? Do other airports work fine?

Yes, most other airports work. I’ve only noticed it more at KJFK and LSZH

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I could be wrong here but, I think the bigger the airport, the more storage it takes up, or it could be your internet connection. But my best option for you is to reset the scenery cache.

I think you’re wrong. Zurich isn’t that big of an airport compared to the likes of WSSS for example, where I fly into most times or EGLL. Also, my internet connection is fine!

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