No Sceneries at the Airport

Hi, had no scenery at the Tokyo international airport after a 9 to 10hrs flight from Paris. My internet was running good and so were all the servers. Innitiated a go around twice thinking the scenery would load to no avail. Armed the approach and performed an ILS landing based on the airport map which clealy displayed but even after landing all i could see was this:

Did you set free cam on at your departure airport then deactivate it once you landed? Paris is far from Tokyo, which means that if your camera was at that airport, once you return your camera to Tokyo, it will load as if you just flew nearby the airport. If you also change camera views it can also cause rendering glitches like this.

In other words, why are you flying Emirates from Paris to Tokyo instead of Dubai?

Clear your scenery cache.

First of all, I want to talk about this situation; This may have happened if your graphics settings are at the highest level, but if your graphics settings are low and your internet is working fine as you mentioned, there are three reasons for this. 1- Possibility of an error. 2- Your device is overheated. 3- It is caused by camera settings.

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