No runways markings

KJFK only. No runway numbers when I try to do tower and ground or Approach. It use to show but not over the last several weeks.
I’ve tried zooming in and out and also not present on Advanced or Playgorund server. See attached picture.

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Apologies for this basic question, but is the “Show Airport Names” option enabled in Settings?

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I Just Relised it…

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I can see all airport names when I pull them up for New York region.

It’s a known issue (at least, it’s been posted before), only happens at KJFK I think.


Many people want runway numbers and they are working on it I think and many pilots do to

I was referencing the green and red runway markings that we currently has. Does not show up for several of us at just KJFK.

Yes, I think this is a known issue. I mentioned it in slack a few weeks ago and somebody said they knew about it. (They as in Devs)

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I think it is because of the runways crossing each other

JFK has 4 runways, with 2 intersections, so that may be it.

Yup that’s the reason