No runway tags when controlling at KPDX

Hi everyone! Yesterday I was controlling KPDX on the Expert server and I saw that I couldn’t see the runway tags at this airport only. I looked around at other airports and I could see them. I already restarted my device but it didn’t helped. @bahaaawad1987 had the same issue too. I spawned there as a pilot and I could see the runway tags, so it’s a issue when controlling only.

How to reproduce?
  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. In your settings, go to general and then activate the “Airport Names” option.
  3. Go back to the menu and select “Air Traffic Control”
  4. Select a server with ATC services provided
  5. Open any frequency at KPDX (Portland Intl. in Seattle)

Device: iPad Mini 2
iOS version: iOS 10.0.2
IF version:


That’s odd, I have found this too. However, I don’t usually use runway tags so this doesn’t affect me. 😊


Are you sure you’re supposed to see it at your own airport?

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100% sure. I just tested it at KSFO and I see them.

I like to use it when I’m controlling as I can quickly see the different runways and work better.

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Good point, I don’t usually control only had live for a month 😭

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Did you try restarting and disconnecting from the server and IF?

I also tried to disconnect and reconnect to Live but it didn’t helped either.

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