No runway at Naples LIRN (airport scenery failed to load)

Uploading: 0A40A489-8977-4712-A807-8F546ED1DF08.png… Hey today I was doing a flight to Naples LIRN in Italy on the expert server when I realized it was no runway got one speed violation due to that I’m on an iPad 2018 gen picture of the incident will follow shortly Uploading: A397B5D0-412B-4F6C-BA72-1A8C4C568AE1.png…

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You mean the airport scenery did not load while on final? It’s a known issue as I have seen multiple of these topics after version 19.2.

Try clearing the scenery cache when scrolling through the general settings.


Alright thanks only need an mod to reverse that speed violation I got

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Yeah. Topics like these. I’m not sure if the issue is solved yet.

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His did you get a violation due to scenery not loading

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