No rudder apperance in IF

Im not sure if anyone has ever experienced this but none of my aircraft that i have owned in IF seems to have a rudder display on screen and how import is the rudder to an aircraft that irt not present? Please help…someone

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Is this an older version? All the autopilot commands should be on the left?

I’ve got the same layout since I use a joystick.

For me the AP commands are always on the right.

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Same! I always have it!

The autopilot control locations are dependent on your device. Smaller devices, like an iPhone, get autopilot controls on both sides. Larger devices, such as an iPad, get autopilot controls on the right side.


Go into Settings-Controls-Restore Defaults. And boom you have the rudder back again!


Okay guys!! I think this only happens when you set up joystick as control.
thank you all.

okay good, now that is solved, maybe

Now! Anyone wanna take on the skies with me in a short trip

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