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What can I do when ATC doesn’t give my aircraft a clearance even I requested 3 times? ( On Training Server )

there is nothing to do its TS


Sadly there is nothing you can do on TS… :(

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Just go for it, not saying I condone not following directions on the TS, but that’s pretty much all you can do. Make sure your maneuver is safe and courteous.


Respawn at an other location would be the best option I think? It can also be that the ATC has some technical issues (e.g. internet, hasn’t the app open etc)

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@anon50176895… MaxSez… Fly real! PIC on IF Approach in described Circumstance should conclude “Radio Failure”, Go Around. Attempt re-establish Comm, no Joy, go alternate. (RW-Comm Down your end XMit/ squawk 7600 Fly patten, on downwind look for Tower green light LOL) MaxSends
(Fledging/Nugget Bloviators should stay off the Net! ITS Not a game it’s a simulator!)


I would recommend flying at an IFATC controlled field, as you are guaranteed a quality experience.

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That’s funny because I do this on expert and no one responds to me

If i were you id just takeoff

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Ifatc control ground and tower at the same time a lot, so they may be busy with one frequency and not have much time for the other, just be patient

He is regarding to the TS, not with ES…

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