No response by ATC on Expert

Hi there just arrived from my FNF KCLE to KATL. I was in approach for RWY 8L, checked ATIS before. on Radar active. So I called the Tower but never got an answer. On istrictions by IFATC on expert never happend before. So I like to know if this was just an error ingame or the ATC ignored me?

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Hey! How long have you waited? The controller could have been busy. Also the best way to make sure that the controller saw your message is to PM him/her. How was your connection? That may also play a part.

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I called in the First time at about 45NM before. Then I repeat it several times. The Airport wasnt busy. I Heard other Aircraft asked for takeoff clearance and got response but he never answered to me.

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This happned to me today morning.

Due to heavy traffic, The Tower is unsure if he can clear you or not, you just have to continue inbound until he clears you, if he doesn’t are you close if have to exicute missed approach.

So again, he will clear you when it’s the right time. :)

It could be a bug. You appear as Unknown
On the map and controllers (expert or not) can’t talk to you. It’s caused by leaving the app. The best thing to do is to divert.

Edit: To fix it just close the app. That should fix it. Hopefully :)

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No other Aircraft than me on approach. Just 4 depatures and 4 rwys in use.

OMG. Thank you never heared about that before…

This then is most likely a connection error. Make sure you are connected to a good internet service.
IFATC will usually say continue your own navigation.

@Xpira - that’s fixed since long ago.

However, we have a slightly different version of it now… where all the comms looks as they’re being sent but either side is receiving it. ATC can still see the callsign and all that.


It’s either that the ATC has to exit or you were having connection issues but u didn’t notice or think u had had any

45nm is far away. Its hard for the ATC to really sequence you in properly. Always try when you are closer like say 25nm or maybe even 30nm so that itll be easier for ATC. However, I would recommend tuning in so you can see what instructions are being given to other aircraft so you can start planning for those. it would make the controllers job easier

25NM is for tower only, 50NM is for contacting approach


Everyone here is completely missing the point, when a moderator comes in and gives the reason, that tends to be the time for us lot to be quiet.

Tower wouldn’t ignore an aircraft coming in that was trying to raise them. This bug has been reported a few times, and as @schyllberg said - it consists of each side transmitting messages but neither one actually receiving it.

So pretty please, leave this one alone so the OP can come and learn something before everyone starts repeating each other.


This happened to me too, due to heavy traffic

And now I saw that I got reported for this. Think this is a bit unfair because it seems to be a bug. 🤬

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Take it to a PM with an ATC mod/controller who ghosted you.
With adequate screenshots and evidence it should be reversed.


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@Defektstart - drop a PM to the controller, it can be found in your logbook.

Based on the fact that this seems to happening to you quite often, a relevant question is whether your internet connection is acting up or if you occasionally multi-task on your device at the same time as you’re using Infinite Flight?

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Ok yes that could be the answer. Sometimes I have to do „multitasking“ when flying because of incoming mails and stuff. Thought this shouldn‘t have any affect on the game. Will remember this when flying next time. Thank you.

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