No Replays in LogBook

I just finished A flight, and the replay won’t show in the logbook,in fact the replay for A few solo flights I did prior to it,is also unavailable,the flight won’t even register in the log book…

M3 iPad Pro
iPadOS 17.3


In the recent update it automatically deletes your replays. To change this you need to follow these steps:

Open your logbook by pressing the 3 lines and if this box has a checkmark uncheck it. It should look like this:

Checked: Meaning all replays are deleted

Unchecked: Meaning all replays are saved and shown…

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply,does the auto delete feature also delete the most recent replays? I thought it was only for older ones,but nonetheless thanks for your help!

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Unfortunately no. It’s for any recent flights you may do.

But you can delete them one by one if needed to.

Oooh okay,thank you!