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Hello there,
Since Version 19.1 came out into our devices I have came across a problem after finishing my first few flights. I have currently been testing out the Live Replay feature recently but I have found something really annoying. Let me explain this.

  • After every flight I delete Infinite Flight because of storage piling up after playing on a busy airspace. My only usable device currently is the iPad Air 1 with a 16Gb storage plan.

Here is a screenshot before I have removed Infinite Flight.

  • My First Flight is shown. It has all the relevant information displayed with the current file.

  • After Reinstalling Infinite Flight, I have logged back in, and wanted to replay one of my flights. But, that did not happen. My replay file is gone. It is empty.


Yes, there is a way saving my file, but this will be a problem in the near future.
I can get my flight back by saving it onto my Google Drive or iCloud.

And use it there.

The point is, that after a couple of days, months this will get tiring. It will be hard to reupload my hundreds of older Replay files back into Infinite Flight. That is the point I am trying to say. In fact, I may even create a feature topic in relation to this.

I hope you understand me. Any suggestion will be appreciated. I have not asked for any support for quite a long time now. πŸ‘

I may try one thing that I think could possibly work:

  • Save all my Files into my Infinite Flight folder on iCloud.
  • Whatever replay file I want to choose to open.
    ( Hopefully I could edit or add a comment on the files in the iCloud Folder )

That could work, but it would be annoying not to be able to use the current replay logs in the app itself. It will just have to be empty.


The replays are stored locally in the device together with the app. It’s not stored in the cloud.

So if you reinstall the app, the replays will disappear. It’s the unfortunate truth.

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Indeed - if you want to save flights forever, it’s a good idea to keep exporting them to the cloud somewhere (iCloud, Google Drive, etc).


Thank you guys for the feedback. I’ll try think of many ways to solve my problem.

I use a computer so this is not a problem I go in the folder the file instal the IF and put it back.

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Yeah, as I explained above, there is a way on saving my Replay file. It will just be a little sad not to be able to use the Replay log in Infinite Flight.

but you can take the file is slow but it gives.
good luck

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