No real world aviation category

Hello, I was about to make a topic on something else but it isn’t giving me the option for real world aviation, I’ve refreshed the website and the Google app, but neither is working can someone explain?

As you can see, there is no real world aviation option :(

You must be a member to post in #real-world-aviation. You are currently only a basic user. Contribute to the community by creating constructive posts and topics to gain member status.


What? I have been a member the past 5 months :(

Maybe you have been demoted. Contact a moderator


I think this should belong in #meta as it is a problem related to the Community. #support is for IF related problems.

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Unless I have been demoted for some reason I am not aware of? I don’t remember being demoted to a basic user…

It says you are a basic user. Have you recently been flagged or suspended?

Some of my posts have been flagged, how long am I demoted for ? :(

I believe you have been demoted (You are now TL1). You should try to PM some mods regarding your demotion

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I will do, this is depressing ☹️

Contact a mod such as @MishaCamp or @Henrik for further information

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Also, #support is for support regarding Infinite Flight, not the forums. Thank you.


I’m really sorry for your demotion =(


Post in #meta about forum issues

Yep, I will do. I have contacted Misha Camp.

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