No reaction from anyone

So I just had a very weird occurence. I was flying from Casablanca to Madeira and everything seemed normal on departure. Normal contact with ATC, standard cruise. But then when I got closer to Madeira I contacted Madeira Approach and got no response. I either requested the visual or checked in at least 10 times. Everyone else was answered immediately. Eventually, I switched to Tower Frequency, same thing there. To test it out I completed my flight and landed and no one seemed to be bothered. So, to conclude I could see everything happen around me but no one seemed to notice me. Any explanation?

It’s probably because you showed up as “Unknown” to the controllers, was this the Expert Server? If so, we can ask the ATC if an unknown was inbound to Madeira.

Did you change/switch apps while in flight?

Either what Dush said or you got ghosted in Casablanca, because the aircraft on the ground should have noticed you, even if you were shown as “unknown”.

The current approach controller in Madeira is @GHamsz. Maybe he can provide some information.

Yes, it was on the Expert Server: I don’t think I switched apps although I can’t say for sure. I definetely didn’t get ghosted in Casablanca: ATC told me to change frequency and I did nothing wrong…

How did ATC tell you to change frequency if you said you were getting no response?

I had contact in Casablanca, just not in Madeira. There was nothing unusual until I started the Approach. And another thing I noticed is that I got an Overspeed warning eventhough I was not even close to overspeeding. Could that be a clue?

you were possibly ghosted. did your screen ever say " atc report by person for example"

Negative, although I didnt watch the screen the entire time while in cruise, any way to find out afterwards?

Take a look at your log-book and see if you got ghosted. As you mentioned, you also said that you were overspeeding. You might got a lot of violations at once and got ghosted after recieving them.

It sounds like a possible ghosting. I’ll ask the approach controller if he ghosted anyone with communication issues.

yes, in main menu where you can pick between ATC and flying, on the left side, there will be a button called " logbook". select it and flight the flight you are describing with no communication and it shoudl say 1 report if you have a ghost or etc
main menu-logbook-find the flight-

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Nevermind thanks you guys: Apparently while I wasn’t watching I had an overspeed of my aircraft at cruise and received violations. Didn’t know that was a thing… So, I guess the system ghosts you for violations?

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If you get too many violations during one flight, you will get ghosted. Just be careful next time :)

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did your grade drop to grade 2? if so you either
A: was ghosted or
B: recieved 7 violations (I believe that is the number and have to wait a week)

Well, its six. That sucks. Bye bye money. Grade 1 now

Sounds like the root cause was found.

Overspeeding which led to 6 or more violations which caused a system ghost. You will be back in a few days, just hang in there.