No radar for ATC

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to control on TS1 but even when I connect and can see planes I see no radar. I’ve restarted my phone, restarted my network settings, used 4G instead of wifi and deleted the actual app! Does anyone have suggestions to fix it or is having the same problem?

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Try in here

@Tim_B I’m not in observer mode thoigh

How do I do a server reset

This: (…) under the frequencies means you are in observer mode.

I don’t think you can do a server reset. Whatever the process they followed in that thread, try and figure out who was able to do it. I didn’t read the whole thing. Just trying to point you to someone who has had the same issue.

I would do what you can regarding logging completely out, completely force closing the app, or removing and re-downwloading. Something along those lines. I wouldn’t take it from me though. But, I’ll bet somewhere in that thread is the answer your looking for.


Only a Dev can do a server reset


No it doesn’t, observer mode can be told when (obsv) can be seen, (…) means it’s trying to connect


Ok I’ll speak to a dev

Either way, he’s not connected.

I was thinking back to a couple times trying to control on my phone. I won’t swear to it, but I don’t think (Obs.) showed up due to space limitations and i just saw the elipsis. I could easily be remembering incorrectly, though, it was a long time ago.

Either way, he’s not connected and the answer is somewhere in that thread.


Which dev should I contact?

I’ve had this happen when some connection issue occurred and I tried to reconnect. The only resolution for me was to wait for a server reset.

Are you able to connect to fly? Try making a new account to see if you can control. If that works, then the server just hung up thinking you are already logged in or something.

I can fly and I have a map for that. How often are there server resets

Does @Tyler_Shelton do that, do I contact him

I’m not a dev. Nor do I want to erroneously send you to the wrong person. Sorry.

Log out, close the app, reboot your device and try again. A server reset is not needed unless it is impacting a lot of people trying to control. If it continues to happen just wait and see. Try a different airport and see if it works.

I’ve done that! I’ve deleted the app, used my 4G instead of wifi, restarted my device twice! I tried other airports and it’s done the same thing.

Just to cover the bases, I’ve had this happen when someone else was already working the field. IF didn’t stop me from entering the sim and I had missed the persons name already on the menu. Just a thought.

Sometimes this happens to me but it usually loads within 30 seconds. How long were you waiting? @Tim_B this actually isn’t observer mode. In observer mode you can only see the status bar and tower bar.

It’s sorted now, the server is being reset as we speak. I was waiting for 5mins to make sure it wasn’t slow and there was still no radar! But there was planes


Glad to hear that!