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Sorry if this is a duplicate or in the wrong topic but I was wondering if there could be a “I have no pushback capability” or something because with some aircraft they don’t have pushback but some ATC people think you do have it but you don’t.

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Did you get that from FSX? Cause I could do that to.

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Don’t park somewhere where you need to push back in an aircraft that can’t push back. Most spots labeled GA, Ramp, Run-up or Hold would work for this.


As I do ATC on playground I regularly give people permission for pushback even though they asked to taxi as I know they are just messing around and will turn around in a unrealistic way so that could be the reason for confusion.

Yes but it just helps the ATC to do a faster job and to avoid confusion

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Let’s clear this up:

The controller should be focused enough to first find your aircraft and check if it’s safe to pushback. A good controller will not allow you to pushback, either by instructing a hold position, or waiting a few moments.

If of course the controller doesn’t relise and has instructed the pushback, than use your brain and hold your position until the traffic is clear.

Be nice this is a community forum

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Then ATC will clear you for pushback…

I don’t think you get the idea.

What he means is his aircraft does not have pushback capability

He didn’t say anything about traffic

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Answering a different part of the question :)

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