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Has anyone else been having problems with the C-17? Ever since the update I have no pushback in the C17. It says I’m being pushed back. But I’m not moving at all. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks

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Try lowering your weight.


Do you have brakes on? That might be the problem. Or also what @Chris_S said, try lowering your weight.

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Your solution may be located in this thread:

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I have used reverse thrust before and that seemed to work.

I have lowered payload and no the breaks are off. I’ve tried a whole host of things with no results.

I was able to pushback over MTOW just fine. Maybe it needs an app restart:


Just like you, I had this problem on the B757, B787 and A330. I had not flown with heavier airplanes. So I talked to the people in my IF group about the problem, and a friend there told me that to solve this, you just have to go to the Graphics and leave everything in the LOW, as in the picture below.

After you have completed Pushback, return to the Before setting.


If you do pushback even if your parking brakes are on they automatically turn off, and the plane starts pushback.


Ok, I’ll give it a shot and let ya know if it solves the problem. Although it seems like a huge hassle. Wonder if there’s any way to fix it within the programming.

Negative, those changes did not make any difference. Still no pushback.

Negative IFBR-Mauricio, changing those settings didn’t help. Still no pushback. 😔

Well, both the 757 and the C-17 need to be redone. What I showed you about the graphics had a positive impact on my IF. I just flew with the 757 and at first I did Pushback with it, but before it did not even move. On the part of solving the problem through programming, there it is with the developers.


Just throw the engines in reverse that’s what I would do.

You cannot engage reverse thrust below 40 knots hence that is impossible

sorry I was thinking of c 130

Wait there is a C103 in IF? I’m looking now, brb

Edit: looks like Ironman changed his post. Confirming there is a C130 in the simulator.


I agree, the C17 is in desperate need of some love!!

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