No push back option

TBM-930 This aircraft does not have, or I can’t see the option for push back. Will controllers ghost me if I can’t push back and simply do a 180 to rejoin the taxi line?

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No small GA aircraft don’t have that option you just have to request taxi from gate.


@Jacobtrx450. MaxSez: My Friend, “Push Back” is a “Pilot Option” not a requirement. Normally Trash Haulers Push due to space limitations at a confined gate or because of there limited turning radius on the apron . (Request. “Taxi” from Ground not Push if sufficiently clear 360deg any aircraft . If directed to Push after request your probably on the Training Server with a Novice Controller, Expert Controller know better)
(Note: TBM/Cub no Beacon owner option, IF to cheap to buy + Violates FAR)


Exactly the answer I was looking for! Thank you sir!

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