No pro subscription was found

Hello, before 33 hours I have started a 120 hours flight with stops and now I’m in Doha with 27:50 hours and the wifi has Disconnect for like 5 min and when it come back it’s says no subseciption found!!!

Please I need help without ending my flight :(

Is it possible that your subscription has ended?

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Nope, it’s end in 2021-1-26

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Maybe because your WiFi disconnect for 5 min

Nope, it’s always happen with no problems [ one time it have disconnect for 30 min than it come back without problems]

Okay I don’t know what the issue is but maybe someone else can help

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Probably one for a staff member, I’d wait until then :)


I hope someone will come soon with the solution :(

Alas, we all have lives, especially around the New Year. Patience is key (you never know, it might fix itself)!


Sorry about your flight. Try connecting to another network, such as mobile hotspot, if that didn’t work you could end your flight and continued from next stop. The good thing is that you wouldn’t lose your progress in the previous 33hrs flight, i.e. xp and landings.

I don’t care about the sub, I just want Continue my flight :(

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I think I will wait and see what will happen [ noting worked :( ]

One more thing, my freind has fly 57 hours without problems, Idk wh this happening to me :(

No, but some times the wifi disconnect for longer time and nothning happens

Unfortunately, now it did.

Mega-ultra-super long hauls + disconnects is not a good combo.
Sorry to say but there’s no way to restore your flight in this case :(


ok, Thank you all

I think it’s time to say good bye B77W and the 28 hours :(