No Pro after update

After I got the update it says I don’t have pro
As a 1 year purchaser of pro I know I do

I’ve closed the app and tried logging in many times
This is an IPhone 12
IOS 14.7

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Is it possible you need to renew it?

Hi, I just checked your account. Your Pro subscription expired yesterday due to a billing error. You’ll need to resubscribe, but double check your payment details in the App Store to avoid this :)


Has the yearly subscription ended with 21.6?

Subscriptions are not related to updates. Your subscription just happened to end yesterday: October 19th 2021, 12:54:02 pm (Z)


I mean I can’t find how to repurchase the yearly subscription on 21.6

Oh I see, apologies - yes, the 1 Year subscription isn’t available for the time being (most subscribers choose the 1-month option and we have simplified the subscription flow)

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@Cameron, so correct me if I am wrong but I will no longer be able to save on my subscription price by doing it for a year?


If you’re an existing 6 Month or 12 Month subscriber, you’ll still be able to keep your subscription active with auto-renewal with no change at all.

This only changes for new subscriptions.


Thanks for clarifying.

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Hm tbh I don’t like that the option for 1 year is gone


Respectfully, removing those options doesn’t make sense to me. I always get the one year because it’s a better deal and I don’t have a constant flow of money (I’m sure most users here are in the same boat)

What exactly was the purpose of removing them? Saying that “most users” purchase a specific version of the subscription doesn’t mean the rest of us yearly subscribers aren’t valid.

Now we are paying $40 extra per year if we wish to renew every time.

As a customer, I don’t want to be a Karen, but I hope our voices are heard (as long as they are respectful and constructive 👍)

Lastly, what is meant by “simplifying the subscription flow?” The way I understand it, I don’t see a purpose (what is a “subscription flow”). I’m not accusing IF of just trying to bring in more money but it does raise the question in a small part of my mind.

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I have a question if you don’t mind, sir.

I cannot have auto-renewal on due to my subscription and Apple account being tied to my parents’ debit card (I’m sure many of our users are in the same situation). Since I have it off, will I still be able to purchase a yearly subscription once mine expires?

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