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I fly solo all the time and have 0 recorded hours or flights

Flying on solo does not generate XP. You can see your flights listed on the solo tab of the logbook. Please note that the solo flights in the logbook are stored on your device so if you reinstall you will lose those. Where are you expecting to see records at?

Casual, Training, and Expert servers will generate XP.


The best way to gain XP is by doing patterns, especially in windy weather :)

It says I require a certain level to be able to fly live. I have no flights or points or xp but I’ve done a lot of solo flights

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Tyler McAlpine

Strange, you should be able to fly on casual, no matter your stats. What is your version of Infinite Flight, may I ask?


Can you provide a screen shot of the error that pops up?

You need a subscription to Infinite Flight Pro in order to fly on the Casual server.

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