No Points and level 1

Hello, today I’m back after about 2 or 3 weeks. And now I have no more points and I’m on level 1.


Maybe all the stats got reset. Just my thought

Hello Jerome,

Are you sure you are using the same account?
Your progress should be saved, especially considering 3 weeks isn’t that long. Is everything gone including landings, XP, and flight time?

Might be a bit of a long shot but log out and restart the app and log back in, who knows it might work

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Hi there

What is your callsign?

Can you show a screenshot of your stats page?

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You may seem new to the community too. Contact any moderator and let them check your current status.

Also please check your flight log book at the main menu of the Infinite Flight screen. This will show your past flights and your grade status.

That shouldn’t happen. In 2014, I stopped playing until mid-2016. I was still Grade 3.

I would go ahead and shoot the devs an email and ask them to restore your progress that’s what I did that happened to me

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