No players aircraft

Please fix this trouble. iOS, Device iPhone XS. Thanks!


  • Everything is fine with the Internet!
  • Some player aircraft are still displayed.
  • Everything is on very high settings.

Have you made sure that you have Aircraft Count set to a higher setting?

Yes. The internet is good. These are game bugs.

Set everything to very high

Wait for a few seconds and the aircraft should load in by itself, it’s just downloading.

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That’s not what he asked…

To do what was requested, could you go to go Settings > Live > Airplane Count?

Mind providing your device info, including make and model, operating system, and a screenshot of all your IF settings?

I’m afraid, if your device is too old, that may be the best you’ll get.

I waited a lot, but the problem still remains. And I even tried another internet. BUT, some player planes are displayed.

Is the iPhone XS an old phone? 😅

Hello, it could also be because of the quality of the internet

I know. But the internet is fine. I answered in more detail. It’s funny if I’m the only one.

Weird, I have no problems regarding this, and I use a iOS device no newer then yours. The XS should be a good device to handle IF, so I think a experienced member can help.

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iOS 14.3, latest version of the system and the game

Thanks. But the game itself sometimes lags hard, FPS drops.It all started in the summer after the update.

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