No planes showing in online

So I just bought Live+ And downloaded the new update, I loaded up the new C130 and I cranked up the setting that changes how many other players you see. I turned it up to VeryHigh, But I see nothing?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Turn it down, your device cannot handle it, but just for the heck of it, give us device info, version of IF etc.

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Well it has handled it fine for over 2 months with full settings :P

Its a Huawei P9
And the latest IF version (forgot sorry)

Let me know if theres anything else you need

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Yes I understand that, but the new update does take more storage and the could be causing your device to render slower :)

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True, Ill tweak around with settings and let you know :)

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Doubt is that , the new update only takes up a couple of MB. That’s a absolutely tiny impact if any at all

Probably that is caused because the update is just came out, maybe…

Well, I just did a reinstall and it seems to be working fairly well now so yaay! :D

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How much a year is live+? and do I have to update from the iOS store manually or would it update automatically?

All depends on your country you live in( $50 in the US) , it will automatically update your current downloaded version already installed on your device.

Your question was off-topic , next time try find a approbate thread to post your question in ;)

I agree with josh, but I paid 38 pounds for live plus :P (I live in the UK)

Yes, but if he purchased Live+ as well…

Yeah but still . I don’t think it will matter unless it gets into gb’s in my opinion

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Guys its fine, Everything sorted out now :P thanks for your help :)

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Yea, your probably right, contact support :)

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