No planes in sight

Is this normal to see no planes ?

It kinda happens in rare places when people fly there (correct me if I’m wrong)

When you’re over the ocean like that, it isn’t abnormal. You’re also only able to see planes a certain distance from you. Just make sure you’re connected to the live and global servers and you’ll be on your merry way!

Yes. Planes will only appear if they are close to you. A way to check if you are not connected is to look at the little checkmark at the top right of your screen. If it is green, there is no connection problem!

Ps sorry for spelling mistakes lol

Yh there is a green tick

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There js a plane this close should I be able to see it ?

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That is good! everything is great then and you are good to go! 👍😀

He is currently out of range by a few miles so you cannot see him on your map

Nope, that is too far. But once you and that plane get close you may be able to see eachother.

Ok thank you so much for your help

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No problem 😀👍

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