No Planes in Playground!

So today I was going to fly from KLAX - KSAN in a Delta 717, but when I spawned in, there were no planes present! All the airports had no controllers (keep in mind this is the playground here) and nobody was flying except for me. So i waited a couple of minutes and it remained the same. So i just left. Has anyone else had this bug yet? And here is my flight information:
Aircraft: Delta 717-200
Callsign: Delta 452
Display Name: the simulation nerd
Weight: Unknown
Starting position: KLAX Terminal 5 Gate 54b

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On your Infinite Flight app on the live mode. Did you see the top right of the screen? What colour was the little connection thing? Red, yellow or green?
*change your category to support

What time were you flying? When I went to fly around 7:05 am EDT time today there were only 33 planes in LAX ATC playground. Unlike mid afternoon EDT time when there are at least 40-45 planes.

Either you were in Solo or your connection symbol was orange/red.


I was sure it was green, and i had a stable wifi connection

It said i was in the playground in the menu and the ATC icon was present. I also had a stable wifi connection with green connection… thingy

This doesn’t really sound like a support request? More of a complaint that nobody was flying in the region at that time. It happens, nothing to worry about.

At that moment, i was checking live flight and there were 51 planes in SoCal at the time, I refreshed multiple times.

This happens to me all the time i just have to close the app and open it again

This happened to me last night, around 10:30pm central in US. I was in southern California, just flying around the perimeter of the region and back to LAX. Right before requesting transition over KSAN everyone disappeared. My connection status symbol was green the whole time. Was a bummer, wanted to complete my 500-mile flight with ATC.

The funny thing was that the manned towers were still green on the map, but my attemps to contact them were futile :D

Same here. I forgot to mention that!

Put in bugs this is not a support issue

A bug report is reproducible. If it only happens once it’s not a bug.

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So it is a bug many people report this. Its even happened to me