No planes and no trafic

Hello, question : for several days I see no traffic on all the server …that is on my iphone 8 or my tablet galaxy s4
Do you know why ?

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By any chance have you been flying on solo servers? Do you also have an active subscription?

Subscription well activated and I still fly in multiplayer

You can try restarting your device. That might help

If they’re talking about no traffic being on the global map, airplane count has nothing to do with it.

Can you see airplanes on the global map?

No see airplanes on the global map and my airplanes count is on very high

Ah I see. (10 characters)

Not sure if I’m right but check you internet connection you might be losing network in multiplayer making you not see people!

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what airport are you at?

ENGM take-off
No doubt the connection…from time I cross a traffic

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