No planes and no traffic in my server

There are three Server to choose, but two of them are shown with 0 percent and only the trainee Server load with two percent. Is this normal?

Thanks For Contacting Support

Please restart Infinite Flight and see if the problem continues.

To restart: IOS

  1. Hit the home button
  2. Swipe Infinite Flight out
  3. Open Infinite Flight back up

Current IF Server Stats:
TS1 - Running - 43% Load
Expert - Running - 31% Load
Casual - Running - 32% Load

Please contact back if the problem continues
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What device are you using?
It might be that you are using the old version of Infinite Flight due to an old device that is not compatible with the Global version, or you haven’t updated the app in a while. And if that’s the case, it is normal.


What Sebastian said above ☝️

Did you update Infinite Flight to the Global update?

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How can i do it, i bought it yesterday from play store

When you purchased Infinite Flight… Does it let you click on “Fly Online”??

If not, you can log in with a Facebook or Google account and buy “PRO”. That lets you fly with thousands of other pilots in the Infinite Flight work. (Giving you access to the servers)

I use Android 4.4.4 with 1 GB RAM. I bought the APP yesterday, it has to be the newest Version i think. Sorry but i am not a Computer expert what can i do

Yes i can click and i can log in with my Google account, but the three Server a 0 percent

Im sorry but that isnt the newest version. The newest update requires Android 5.0 minimum.


If you’re running Android 4.0, you are most likely on the old version.

So, in this case the issue you are describing is to be considered normal as there are barely any users left on that version of Infinite Flight.

If you’re able to update your device to Android 5.0 or later, you should be able to get the current version of Infinite Flight.


How can i do it with Android. Thanks a lot

Please read what Schyllberg said. (What I said wont help you)

But there are no remarks in the shop

What he means is you have to update your device to the highest update, so, go to settings and try update your device, I dont know how to use Android though.

Unfortunally it is not possible too get another Android Version because of Hardware. Thanks to all of you

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