No plane sounds

Hi there! I’m currently doing a flight from WSSS to VHHH, however, I realised that there are no plane sounds. Like engine sounds, etc. I can only here the ATC voice, and that’s it. I’ve looked at previous topics, and I’ve tried everything except restarting the game or device. I don’t want to do that, as It’ll end my flight. Is there anyway I can fix the sound in-flight?
Any help is appreciated.

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In-game Settings - audio.
Make sure both are 100 percent

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I have, but still, nothing.

Make sure not to have the notification or secondary sounds muted. Had the same problem before, just check that. 👍

What do you mean?

The sounds for notifications or calls settings.

It’s the “Ringer” on iOS devices.

Some times this happens to me when I enter and exit the app in flight have you done this?

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That was the first thing I did. I can only hear the ATC voice. No plane sounds.

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Try restarting the application: Double tap the home button or swipe up from the bottom on iOS Devices, restart Infinite Flight and try spawning in again. Make sure to check the audio settings too. :)

If @AlphaSeven restarts the application his flight will end though.


Arrghh, I’m doing a flight! And I’m flying behind @Captain.JR! I want to try to fix this in-flight…

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I suggest you try pausing the game and go to the settings menu. @AlphaSeven

You go to the live section and you see ATC voice, try and tapping on one of the voices and see if there is audio. It might work.

Did you possibly do what I said earlier?

Yes iPhone when a timer rings. I reduce apps and back resume the sounds

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Yes, I have exited the app to go on to the IFC for a few seconds. But I doubt its that, because the ATC sounds work, but not the plane sounds…


Once I got no sound only inflight assistant. My phone was on mute. Infinite flight was but not IFAssistant

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Unfortunately when you do this there is a 50/50 shot that

  1. You’re flight will end and the app will restart.

  2. You can lose the sound of either ATC or in game sounds.

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Maybe your Infinite Flight app has gotten corrupted. AS A LAST RESORT Delete the app and re-install it. But it might be as simple as having to restart the sim (This means end your flight :( )

Well, I guess I have no choice then to end the flight. OR, I could try to land with no GPWS callouts… ;)

On the bottom bar put Altitude AGL and look at that when landing ;)